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Originally Posted by spanishfly View Post
My trusted Minolta F isn't powering up. I let the battery fester and leak. Cursed my stupidity changed for a fresh one powered up for a split second then died. Cursed some more!
Upon opening the case all is pristine and curiously with a good battery inserted there is a red LeD illuminated! Not visible from outside with the case closed can only imagine it is telling a service engineer something? Problem is Konica Minolta no longer service these meters and neither does Sony. Does anyone know of a service manual or the significance of the strange red LED glowing away to itself in a dark sealed case?
Quality Light Metric still services Minolta meters. They recalibrated my Flash Meter IV last year. They're a company in Los Angeles that does nothing but service and calibrate light meters, and they are the BEST at what they do.
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