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Got the book too, $200 ones not sold out btw.
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Got the book too, $200 ones not sold out btw.

I got the regular version from amazon just the other day. I'll attend the show when it comes to the PEM. hopefully she will be there to sign books - I have asked PEM about it.

I wonder if the $200 version is really any better, print-wise than the $45 edition? Probably not, though the slipcase looks nice and of course the signature is cool to have.

the $200 ones are not sold out btw, they are still available at least a couple places at list price, FWIW.

Print quality on the $45 edition seems great, there's some nice images in there, though there's also a lot of pages wasted on people blathering on about their interpretations and what not, which would have been better spent showing more photos.

While nice, the print caliber of the book is not at say Steidl level of quality, but it is quite good, esp. for $45.

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