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Originally Posted by Alfasud View Post
I would like to add this camera to the "camera list" section.

Mine is "Konica I Type Cs", with a collapsible "Konishisiroku 2.8/50" lens. Lens is non-removable.

Thanks, David
Hi David — Some info below found online that you might find useful... And I saw a photo of your lens. Indeed it says “Konishiroku” on the trim ring, and around the other side of that is “Hexar”. Of course Konishiroku is the name of the manufacturer, and Hexar is the name of the lens, conveniently already present in the RFF lens database!

That database does not list cameras, just lenses and the mounting. Cameras enter their own list automatically from the EXIF info in the digital image file, or entered manually when a file derived from film is uploaded.

Konica I Type B
Introduced in March 1948. The top plate of the camera now carries the serial number, the model name (‘Konica’). The leatherette on the back door still shows the name ‘Konishiroku’ embossed in ornamental letters, while the leatherette on the bottom is now embossed with the inscription ‘Made in Occupied Japan.’ The camera was fitted with a Hexar f3.5 lens set in a Konirapid shutter. Part way through the production run of this variant, a Hexar f2.8 version was also made available. Both were sold concurrently. The focussing scale is still in metres.

Konica I Type C
Introduced sometime in 1949. The camera is identical in appearance to Type B, but lacking the name ‘Konishiroku’ embossed the back door. It was fitted with the two Hexar lens options already available for Type B (Hexar 2.8 and 3.5). Tests of the camera were published around 1948 and it was advertised in magazines dated June 1948 through June 1950.

Konica I Type Cs
The camera is identical in appearance to Type C, but from now on the lenses are set in the synchronised Konirapid-S shutter (B, 1–500).

Konica I Type D
Introduced in 1950. The camera is identical in appearance to Type C, except that the text on the camera bottom now reads ‘Made in Japan.’ It would appear that the version with the Hexar f/3.5 was sold concurrently with Type E, which had the Hexanon f/2.8 mounted.
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