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Here's a few of and around the Southport Beach House in Kenosha, WI. Nikon FG, Tokina AT-X 28-85 f/3.5-4.5, Kodak XX at ASA 250.

The lens is sharp, not too slow and does a good job of distortion control. However, it hasn't got any exotic glass, so contrast isn't as good as a prime or modern high-fallutin' zoom. It also rotates the front with its slightly under-damped focus action, so getting these shots with the polarizer was kind of a bear. Still, I'm well-satisfied for $30!

The FG body is light and small, which is great with smaller lenses. This one is getting on the bigger side for good balance and comfort.

This was my first try with Kodak Double-X. I quite like it. It is a nice middle ground between FP4+ and Tri-X or HP5+ in terms of grain. It would be a perfect spring/summer film. I do like ~ ASA 200 for bright days, too. It's fast enough to allow me to use my cheap and slow lenses in most daylight with a polarizer, but slow enough not to cripple the lens' sharpness with too much grain.

History of the building:

Overall view from the beach:
PC243023 by Jeremy, on Flickr

View from the parking lot round-about:
PC243037 by Jeremy, on Flickr

A couple detail shots:
PC243040 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PC243021 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PC243041 by Jeremy, on Flickr

Iced-up rocks and some splashing action:
PC243035 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PC243033 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PC243022 by Jeremy, on Flickr
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