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Originally Posted by ChipMcD View Post
Nice to see that the building was repurposed, and it looks like a lot of work got done too. Finally, it looks like e-scooters have made it to Ft Wayne. My town has been spared this so far.

Have a great holiday season, Chris.

Chip McDaniel

The scooters arrived over the summer. Fort Wayne's downtown is now littered with them; I can see why people in other cities that have them want them gone.

The Glaser & Ebbs building has always been kept in good condition; the bank that owned it before remodeled it a couple of times when I was younger. It is one of only a handful of downtown commercial buildings from the nineteenth century still standing. A huge number were torn down when I was a child, before I was old enough to document them...though I remember many of them.

Originally Posted by KoNickon View Post
Chris, I started working for Lincoln Financial this summer (based in Hartford, though). One of these days I'll come out to the Fort with a camera -- looks like a lot of good subject matter to be found in your city.

Lincoln Financial was founded in Fort Wayne. About 20 years ago, they hired a new CEO who was from Philadelphia, and he immediately moved the company's headquarters there because he couldn't stand living among us hicks in the midwest.

If you make it out here, let me know you're coming and we can get together!
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