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Originally Posted by Chriscrawfordphoto View Post

The Glaser & Ebbs building is on the corner of Berry Street and Clinton Street, near the courthouse, in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

It was originally built in 1893 as the headquarters of a bank. When I was young, it was the headquarters of Home Loan Savings Bank, a locally owned bank. After they were acquired by Fifth Third Bank, it continued to be used by the bank for several years. It was later sold to Glaser & Ebbs, a local law firm.

I photographed it in the early morning as the sun was rising. It was still a bit dark outside, and bitterly cold. The building is decorated for Christmas, complete with a statue of Santa Claus.

Nice to see that the building was repurposed, and it looks like a lot of work got done too. Finally, it looks like e-scooters have made it to Ft Wayne. My town has been spared this so far.

Have a great holiday season, Chris.

Chip McDaniel
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