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Originally Posted by charjohncarter View Post
Huss, I have a couple of P3n cameras (mostly the same). One I bought new, the other is a backup. I really like these cameras: auto exposure, aperture priority, shutter priority, or set the aperture and the shutter. Mine have proved to be tough, but there are a couple of niggles but all in all a great format.

What I really like is the aperture priority and leave the shutter selector on 'A.'
Iím pretty sure they are all the same camera. I read someplace about complaints of them being plasticky and lightweight. Yeah they are plastic but have a really nice solid heft to them and have excellent handling. They are really enjoyable to use and the only bummer is not being able to manually set ISO.
Touches like the battery cap are excellent - a hinged cover. Who actually wants to deal with unscrewing a cap?
Prices on these lumps are superb too. Just ordered a Tamron 90 2.5 and 35-80 2.8 for it.
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