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I'm kind of going the other way:

- Started with film in the 90s

- Went digital when it became affordable, but point & shoots

- Got a Pentax K100d dSLR; great (6 MP) camera, great kit lenses in those days

- Sold the K100d and with a rare unspoken-for tax refund, I upgraded to Nikon FF with a D610 outfit:

- Got a tax refund I felt like I could spend and blew it all on a full frame Nikon SLR outfit:
* 50/1.8 G - Great lens, I didn't really like the focal length
* 35/1.8 G - Great lens period; got me hooked on 35 mm lenses.
* 85/1.8 G - Great lens period; got me hooked on this focal length.
* 80-200/2.8 Sigma - Great lens, but big & heavy. Only used it for kids' sports
* 24-120 G - Best lens ever. Very useful range, but not so rangey it's bad anywhere
* 150-600/ Tamron. Forgot the aperture. Good lens, but too big & heavy

Over time, I found myself looking for reasons not to bring the big guns. I wound up using the compacts more. Sold the whole system at a huge loss. Then replaced it with a mighty little Panasonic FZ1000. (1" sensor fixed lens ultrazoom) It's a KILLER video camera, in addition to being a great all-in-one camera. Just doesn't have much soul.

- Dabbled with some Canon compacts. G9X II and G7X II. Bad optics; got rid of them.

- had some other fixed lens compacts; still have the Pentax MX-1; it's fantastic. My 7 year old uses it now and I still borrow it from her from time to time. (Olympus XZ-1 and -2 use the same lens as the MX-1; my XZ-1 was also a great camera)

- I missed the super high quality interchangeable lenses; got back into ILCs with an Olympus E-M10 III and have a nice selection of optics. However, that is mostly being used with a macro lens as a negative scanner now.

- I got back into shooting and developing B&W negative film and am using my old film cameras, and am adding some to the collection that were $1k and up when new, and now I'm getting them for well under $50. (EOS 630 for $6, EOS A2 w/EF 35-135 USM for $50, Nikon N90s for $21...) while you have dabbled with mirrorless and gone back, I've dabbled with just about everything digital and gone back to film. It might be a talent issue or a boredom issue, but I just love how B&W film images look:

PC052580 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PC052611 by Jeremy, on Flickr
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