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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
My digital journey ... Nikon D700 ... almost the perfect camera and if the shutter hadn't died I'd still be using it. ... I'm currently aiming to buy a Sony A7 with an adapter for my OM lenses... and I'm hoping it will be the end of it all. No more!!!
The D800 may suit you. Shop prices in AUS (I bought mine in Melbourne in October) are reasonable - A$600-$8500 with long warranty - and so far mine is doing everything I want, with superb if immense RAW images at 36 MP. Large JPEGS at 20 MP are 90%+ as good and suit me.

Personally, I would avoid Sony. My experience over the years with having anything made by Sony serviced has been dismal. We had an office full of Sony laptops. All malfunctioned as if by some diabolical plan and Sony's quoted repair costs were higher than the original purchase price. All the 'generic' local repair centres wouldn't touch them for anything beyond basic servicing (= cleaning). For me, Sony, never again.

I will stop short of saying don't buy a Sony DSLR, but first you should look into having it repaired if it goes south on you. This may well be a mini-education for you on the service policies of certain camera makers.

How about another D700? Yes, they are getting long in the tooth, but used prices are good, 12 MP is entirely adequate for most everything to one by one meter (yes, I've done it), and there are many on the market. One of my two had 60,000 actuations (2012), now 130,000. The other 30,000 actuations (2018), now 40,000. Both still function well but are now overexposing slightly. (My 'new' D800 had 1,800 actuations!!)

Wishing you all he best in replacing your D700 with - whatever.

Enough. Now I'm off to shoot florals, art and people in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
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