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Originally Posted by Pál_K View Post
The D700 is my only digital SLR. Was the Df too large or unwieldy for your tastes? I wanted one when they came out - they're essentially a digital F4 with good support for pre-AI lenses. However, 16MP wasn't a big boost over my D700's lovely 12MP - better to spend that money on a nice lens or two.

Wait... surely you don't mean the 28-85/3.5-4.5 as shown below?

I had high hopes for mine, but soon discovered that I didn't like the ring-control zoom and that even with its proper hood it vignettes badly at 28mm. It's sharp, but nothing I'd write home about (though I rarely write home these days).
Size wasn't the problem - the Df's ergonomics didn't suit me. Too similar to a Nikon F I used for a book shoot in Indonesia in 1993, I hated that F and how it functioned from the first day. It did what I needed and the publisher was happy with my shots, but I was relieved to return the camera. My Nikkormats best suit how I shoot film. My two D700s and D800 do similarly for the digital images I do.

Nikon D700s create beautiful RAW and JPEG (large) images for everything my clients have ever wanted. I'm happy with my (new to me) 800E but the two older D700s will still be used as backups.

Yes, I meant THAT 28-85 zoom. It had lacklustre reviews other than the usual Ken Rockwell overhype, I bought it for a giveaway price and while it vignettes and bends vertical lines badly at 28mm, for me i was one of the good lenses and it still produces surprisingly sharp images. I've now retired it to a collection shelf at home, it still works but it's too wobbly to be trusted for critical work.

I have several older AF zooms (35-70, 28-85, 35-105, 70-210) and all but the first perform adequately well. However, I'm now mostly a fixed lens shooter so all my zooms will probably be sold in 2020.

At 72, carrying a bag of heavy camera and lenses is getting to be too much for me. So I'm thinking the unthinkable - selling up all my Nikon DSLR gear and finishing my time in photography with film (I have a freezer full) and my Nikkormats and a Contax G1. Or maybe I'll buy a Leica iiif or iiig and a 35mm Summaron and go with that. Or just burn 120 rolls in my Rolleicord Vb and a 16 exposure kit.

Who knows? Such seemingly illogical decisions are the norm for someone of my vintage - 'senior's moments', as my partner likes to call it. Enlightenment, I say! Well, it's only money.

It's all in the maybe basket. For now.
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