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Originally Posted by kshapero View Post
... Met my wife, she had a Nikkormat FTN, she still has it.
A savvy lady, your wife - you may tell her I said so! Hers is the sort of anti-GAS philosophy I truly admire - and wish I had practiced more of in in my many years as a Nikon photographer.

Three of my four Nikkormats keep on shooting and have yet to be serviced. One EL (1972 model) recently developed rewind problems (apparently a jammed rewind button) and I've put it aside for some at-home minor therapy, if unsuccessful it will go for its first service since I bought it new, which is saying something...

Since buying into Nikkormats in the early '70s I've had only two problems with my ELs and FT2s. Prior to this new rewind jam, one of my FT2s had a mirror seizure while I was shooting my sister-in-law's wedding in 1985. The just-now broken EL saved my skin.

As an aside, that marriage ended in 1990 and I was invited to shoot the divorce party. Oh, well.

Four Nikkormats, only two services since 1973. Says it all...
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