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Originally Posted by valdas View Post
It seems to me that the grain of this new ORWO is really reasonable - if exposure, developer, temperature, agitation are right, it can give quite OK grain. And I did not try any fine grain developers yet...

Rollei 35 S, xtol stock 8:[email protected] 20C
Looks great, Valdas!

On a side note, are you noticing problems with scratches on your negatives? I think I see one running vertically along the right third of the frame, starting above the handkerchief. I ask because I had scratches on a lot of my N74+ negatives, except mine showed up as black on my scans. It's not camera related, because I used multiple cameras. I suspected my bulk loader, but I haven't seen scratches in subsequent bulk rolls put through the same loader (and same reusable film cassettes).
I like my lenses sharp as a tank and built like a tack.

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