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Originally Posted by Steve_Pfost View Post
Okay, so I developed two rolls of Hp4 last night. Only my second and third rolls of this film ever as for the past few years I have been trying to really learn Tri-x and Fomapan (Foma btw gets a bad rap but my do I love it!) Anyway, My first roll of this, developed a couple weeks ago in Xtol and Kodak fixer came out of the tank clear after washing. These two, developed in D76, fixed in Ilford rapid fixer 8 mins to be on the safe side (working solution a week or so old but cleared the test strip in about 2 mins without issue) came out of the tank with a bit of a purple tint. It almost resembled tri-x after it hadn't been washed long enough. Now, due to an issue at my home the water was a bit colder than it should have been so I decided to put the film back on the reels and wash again in warmer water. 40 mins later I pulled them back out, still a purple tint. And I say purple tint as I am comparing them to the first roll of Hp4 I developed weeks ago in different chemicals which seemed super clear. Individually you can barely notice it, compared to the first roll you can see the slight tint.

I'm not terribly worried, however I am more or less looking to troubleshoot. Fixing seems fine, wash; it was over washed, so that seems fine. Scans look fine. So could it be the different set of chemicals? Does anyone else have purple-ish tinted fp4? I highly doubt this has anything to do with the fixer as I see no other signs that they would be underfixed.

Ilford HP4 is a very old film that expired many a long year ago. You can't really draw any conclusions about inconsistencies from such ancient film. Why not try some fresh HP5 Plus, instead?
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