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Well, my problem (addiction?) seems to be buying cameras, selling at a loss, rebuying, selling at another loss, rebuying etc, etc. IIRC the problem started not long after joining RFF in 2004 - GAS and the search for the Holy Grail commenced. Digital history -

Olympus E20P
Olympus E1 (still have it) bought another when on clear out and gave to stepson
Nikon D70 - loved it but too similar to E1 so sold
Epson R-D1 - loved it, sold it, bought another, sold it, bought another and stupidly sold it
Leica M8 - took 3 to get one that worked. Ok but sold it, bought an M8.2 and sold then another M8 that I should have kept but didn't
Canon 5D -loved it but sold and bought and 5DII that I didn't like. Bought another 5D and then sold it again
Olympus E400 - gave to my wife and she still uses it
Olympus E3 - bought and sold 3 of them
Olympus E5 - bought and sold 3 of them
Pentax K5 - bought and returned
Nikon D300 - terrific camera (apart from ISO) bought and sold 2
Olympus EM5 - bought and returned
Fuji X100 - still have it
Fuji X-Pro1 - bought and sold 4 of them - great camera
Fuji X-E1 - bought and returned
Fuji X-Pro2 - bought and sold 3 of them
Nikon Df - bought 4 sold 3
Pentax K5II - bought and sold
Pentax K3 - bought and sold
Nikon D600 - bought and sold
Nikon D610 - bought and sold 2 of them
Canon 6D - bought and sold 3 of them - very nice camera
Olympus EM1 bought and sold
Olympus EM10 mkII - bought and sold
Pentax KP - bought and returned
Fuji X100F - bought and returned
Leica Q - bought and returned
Leica M240 - bought and sold

I now have and Olympus E1 and lenses, Fuji X100 and Nikon Df and lenses and they all get used. I am trying very hard to ignore the Black Friday deals in the UK at the moment especially the X-pro2 at 799 new. I haven't worked it out but imagine I have probably lost more than cost of a leica M10 and several lenses. Now don't get me started on film cameras or even guitars
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