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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
My digital journey has been...

Three Sigmas ... DP3, DP2 and an SDIM DSLR that now sits on the shelf and haunts me. Still love and use the little DPMs but will sell SD1M for whatever I can get for it ... it's a battery hog with a pretty awful viewfinder but like the DPMs has a wonderful IQ.
Keith, I have a Sigma SD1 Merrill, It doesn't get much use these days but I could never part with it (even though I have often thought of parting with it). The optical viewfinder isn’t the greatest thing on earth. Autofocus? I think autofocus was an afterthought that wasn’t thought of before or after any thought took place. Manual focus is much more reliable and much faster. I have the twin battery grip on mine. Combine that grip with any lens like the Sigma 24-70mm zoom and the damn thing weighs more than a bowling ball.

But, damnit, the images one can get with that camera are spectacular.

Selling my SD1 Merrill would be like selling a faithful old dog that might not be quite up to speed with the new pups, but if a burglar broke into the house, the dog would find the wherewithal to tear the thief to pieces.

Anyway, there will always be room on the shelf for my SD1, and on occasion I’ll still be taking it out for some frustratingly good photography.

Me and my old friend.

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