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Traded in my F5 for a new D70, used that for several years until the mirror locked up.

Six years with Lumix (lovely lens) then I returned to a D700 which I hardly used except for pics of antiques for sale.

I have a Sony A7s bought for low light work which I actually now use mainly for mounting old glass and close up photography. An immensely capable camera.

Now got a Fuji XT30 with which I am delighted. D700 was sold last month with a huge 12000 shutter activations.

Also just picked up a Sigma DP1 with Foveon. I only use digital for colour and as I no longer shoot colour film whichever of the XT30 or DP1 works as a practical colour camera gets to stay.

All my film Nikons and Nikon glass will be sold.
De-gassing progress:

Leica M2, Nikon D700, Bronica RF645, Leica CL, Summicron 40mm, Rolleicord Va, Hasselblad 500 CM Zeiss Planar, Leica 50mm Summicron V3, Hasselblad PME51 metered prism, Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 534/16 & Ensign 820 Special - all gone.
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