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I used a Nikon Coolpix P7700 for the longest time as my second digicam (replacing a Panasonic TZ-3), but while the form factor was much to my liking, it started to show some age with little hiccups in the AF system, and there was no viewfinder for it.

So I got a D80 which was much better than the P7700, and after adding the battery grip it was a very well handling camera. Then I bought a back-up second body. It broke after two weeks even though it was newer than the first one (both bought used). It had an error code that could have been any one of a half dozen faults, none of which would be inexpensive to fix, so I looked around for a new replacement.

Came up with the D300s, mainly because it used the same battery as the D80 (and still bought used). It worked so well I again got a second body and battery grips, and have been very happy with them since.

Now I'm considering going with the Z6, but will wait until the D300s' start to have issues.

Hope that's not for a long time.

Waiting for the light
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