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The D700 is my only digital SLR. Was the Df too large or unwieldy for your tastes? I wanted one when they came out - they're essentially a digital F4 with good support for pre-AI lenses. However, 16MP wasn't a big boost over my D700's lovely 12MP - better to spend that money on a nice lens or two.

Originally Posted by ozmoose View Post
... ancient 28-85 that looks like a relic from the Titanic but gives me the best images of any zoom I've ever owned...
Wait... surely you don't mean the 28-85/3.5-4.5 as shown below?

I had high hopes for mine, but soon discovered that I didn't like the ring-control zoom and that even with its proper hood it vignettes badly at 28mm. It's sharp, but nothing I'd write home about (though I rarely write home these days).
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"Great photography is about the visual effect upon the viewer, not sharpness." - Stephen Gandy, Cameraquest
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