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My digital journey has been as follows:

Nikon D70 ... never did a thing wrong but back then I may not have known if it had!

Leica M8 ... so much potential but delivered so little at an astronomical price.

Nikon D700 ... almost the perfect camera and if the shutter hadn't died I'd still be using it.

Leica M240 ... a nice camera but dull in my opinion. Just sold it after a few years of barely using it.

Three Sigmas ... DP3, DP2 and an SDIM DSLR that now sits on the shelf and haunts me. Still love and use the little DPMs but will sell SD1M for whatever I can get for it ... it's a battery hog with a pretty awful viewfinder but like the DPMs has a wonderful IQ.

Nikon D4 that I bought used a few years ago ... I neither like nor dislike this camera but trust it totally. It's heavy and ugly but I will keep it until it stops working ... which may not happen because I may expire first.

I'm currently aiming to buy a Sony A7 with an adapter for my OM lenses... and I'm hoping it will be the end of it all. No more!!!
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