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My Nikon DSLR merry-go-round
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My Nikon DSLR merry-go-round

At a time when most photographers I know are moving away from DSLRs and going mirrorless or smaller, I seem to have gone the opposite way.

I've spent up big on Nikon DSLRs since retiring in 2012.

A month after my retirement, I blew my budget on a D700 with 50,000 exposures and a bag of Nikkor D lenses - 50/1.4,28/2.8, 35/2, 60/2.8, 85/1.8. Over the next few months I added a 24/2.8, 20/2.8 and 180/2.8. Also zooms - 35-105, 35-70 AF (I still wonder why I bought this turkey), and an venerably ancient 28-85 that looks like a relic from the Titanic but gives me the best images of any zoom I've ever owned, and for this reason now seems to live on the D700 most of the time.

Over the next six years I racked up about 100,000 more shots on this camera. It now tends to overexpose at times but still produces passably good results.

In 2018 I bought another (used) D700 with 31,000 exposures. It worked well for about a year but now tends to overexpose as well.

I've written about this problem (inconsistent overexposure) and the efforts I've made to resolve it, in a separate thread. Updated today.

2019 has been my spend up big year. As I had a moderately successful year selling images, in January I decided it was time I bit the old bullet and invested in a new Nikon. Which one became the object of a dedicated search over the next few months.

I then bought, in sequence -

One Nikon Z6 with kit lens and adapter. Which promptly malfunctioned and had to go to Nikon for extensive repairs. It malfunctioned again and I was given a new Z6 to play with, which almost immediately went bonkers on me, for different reasons.

Sailing past a very long story involving emails, phone calls,vague threats of complaining to various government agencies, and finally the intervention of my very ethical but by then greatly exasperated camera dealer in Melbourne, I returned the second Z6 kit and acquired a Nikon Df - with which I did not get on at all.

By then both Nikon and my dealer were probably wishing that I would somehow end up taking an impromptu flying lesson off the West Gate Bridge - luckily, someone I knew happened to want a near new Df, none were available in Melbourne in the condition of mine, and I did a most advantageous (to both parties) sale and quickly acquired an as new D800 with less than 2,000 exposures. Which luckily,does everything I want it to do, but most importantly is a reliable camera for me to take on my travels. I will be back in Southeast Asia next month for a few months of wandering around at least three countries, with the D800 and two or three lenses in tow.

I sometimes think of the wads of $$$ I've spent on all these Nikons, and ask myself why? All the traveling, the good food, the nice wine I could have enjoyed, had I gone the way of only one camera and two or three lenses...

This said, I intend to keep this D800 (while continuing to use my D700s as backups when I'm back home in Australia) for the rest of my shooting life. Long may that be.

My fellow photographers express their amazement at my tale of - well, annoyance, exasperation, grief, stubbornness, whatever - and say none of them have ever done this.

Have any of you out there similar stories to relate? I'm curious. Please post if you have.

Long-winded as usual, I know, I know.
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