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Originally Posted by Noserider View Post
Originally Posted by Ronald M View Post
Yes D76, Metol, hydroquinone, sodium sulfate, borax.
Developing agents from Photographers Formulary, SS from the chemistry store, borax is 20 mule team from the laundry aisle.
One huge challenge to returning to using D-76 either pre-mixed or by formula is that the Hydroquinone is now much harder to have shipped. B&H is now not shipping D-76! As well shipping the raw chemical has additional restrictions, from what I can tell it is from the fact that Hydroquinone has been abused as a skin lightening agent and now ANYTHING containing it has restricted shipping. As well the very useful 1 liter size of D-76 has been discontinued. I have just processed a couple of rolls in D-76 which is the first time I've used it in perhaps 10 years since I long have appreciated the value, flexibility, consistency and quality of Xtol as well as the lesser environmental impact. This now acknowledged by Kodak concern over the new packaging of Xtol only furthers the internet sensation of Xtol Sudden Death, which I and other supporters of Xtol have long and patiently explained the reasons for on this forum and APUG. Now "Kodak" is again shooting themselves in the groin for yet another Xtol packaging failure. There is only so much product failure users will tolerate, and as indicated by the above post by Ted Striker where he threw out 40-50 rolls of 120 and vowed never to load another "Kodak" roll the lost trust of the consumer must be addressed. A good photo buddy lost 20 rolls of a once in a lifetime New Mexico road trip shot on a Rollei Hy6 to the backing paper issue and the disappointment we both felt when we processed the first rolls (totally unaware of the issue) was crushing, and her immediate words were to the effect of "F- "Kodak" I'll never buy them again". How many more customers of "Kodak" will be lost not only directly from this new packaging failure but of the now continued internet repeating of Xtol Sudden Death?

Who will trust the next batch of Xtol?

Will you be willing to trust your negatives and be the next beta tester of the next packaging of Xtol?
Try Artcraft as a source of hydroquinone. B&H seems given to lawyer sophistry these days. Perhaps B&H could direct its lawyers attention to B&H's own NY tax shenanigan's and resume selling darkroom chemistry to those you use it.

No one need trust the next batch of Xtol. My earlier comments in this thread provide a recipe for a reliable source of a phenidone/ascorbate developer to which, yes, I would be willing to trust my negatives and have done so for years.
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