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Originally Posted by 2wenty View Post
As far as I can tell Tmax is going be different too so you might want to look out for that.
Some on Photrio's analogue forums have speculated that Kodak is getting their chemicals made now by the same American supplier that makes Freestyle's store-brand chemicals, and that the Kodak products are now identical to the Freestyle products, but at higher 'Kodak' prices.

I have tried the LegacyPro Lmax (Kodak Tmax Developer) and LegacyPro L-76 (D-76) developers and have found them to work identically to the Kodak products I had that were made in Germany by Tetanal before Kodak 'reformulated' their chemicals and brought production back to the US.

I'm going to keep buying the Freestyle stuff. The Lmax developer is an especially good deal; it costs half what Kodak's Tmax Developer does!
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