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Originally Posted by oftheherd View Post
Never gave up on my Fujica ST 109. But when I got a Contax 139Q on sale at the PX, with a 50mm f/1.4, also on sale I really fell in love with it and used it a lot until it died right after a bad house fire.

Well, I soon got a close cousin Yashica which was quite good and actually had some features the 139Q didn't have. I got an FX3 as my backup as it was totally manual except the light meter. That wasn't a deal breaker for me since I almost always had a Gosen SBC with me. I later got a 167mt and love it also. I found I didn't care for the motor drive (on any camera really) but soon got used to it. It is really a great camera as well.

The cameras and lenses are great. I have no fear of not getting great photos from the Yashica cameras. Actually, since the Contax lenses, great though they are, are usually rather expensive, I would recommend buying the Yashica camera and save the money for the Contax lenses.

I think you will be quite happy.
Originally Posted by europanorama View Post
Gossen, C/Y -Contax-Yashica-lenses meaning the mount. Zeiss, Yashica and others. Contax-lenses do not exist but lenses for Contax-Yashica-mount.
Thanks for your comments. They made me go back and read my post again. It is what happens when I get in a hurry. I mentioned the 139Q having a motor drive. Actually it had an aux winder that could be used. It had shutter release buttons for both horizontal and vertical use (so did the Yashica equivalent but it looked diffferent). The first few times I used it I was enamored with the sound. Lots of people looking at me made me feel important. I soon got very tired of the sound and extra weight and it bothered me. I didn't have a need for it in my photography and just quit using it. You probably had a need for winders or motor drives in your in your photography. When I needed it I didn't have the 139Q yet, but my Fujica ST 901 sufficed quite well.

I was puzzled by your mention that Contax lenses didn't exist. My recollection of the mostly magazine media reporting of the time was that some lenses at least, if not some cameras, were made by Contax in Germany. Even those others made in the far east had Contax on the lenses, and were reportedly made under control of Zeiss for quality control.

The same reason I mentioned only Gossen SBC probably is the same hurry up syndrome. Gossen had more light meters that used the SCB cell, but the one I have is the first, Luna Pro SBC. I always wanted that meter after getting the Fujica ST 901. (Those SBC blue cells were and are nice.)

But anyway, I appreciate and enjoyed you comments.
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