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Originally Posted by oftheherd View Post
Never gave up on my Fujica ST 109. But when I got a Contax 139Q on sale at the PX, with a 50mm f/1.4, also on sale I really fell in love with it and used it a lot until it died right after a bad house fire.

Well, I soon got a close cousin Yashica which was quite good and actually had some features the 139Q didn't have. I got an FX3 as my backup as it was totally manual except the light meter. That wasn't a deal breaker for me since I almost always had a Gosen SBC with me. I later got a 167mt and love it also. I found I didn't care for the motor drive (on any camera really) but soon got used to it. It is really a great camera as well.

The cameras and lenses are great. I have no fear of not getting great photos from the Yashica cameras. Actually, since the Contax lenses, great though they are, are usually rather expensive, I would recommend buying the Yashica camera and save the money for the Contax lenses.

I think you will be quite happy.
Gossen, C/Y -Contax-Yashica-lenses meaning the mount. Zeiss, Yashica and others. Contax-lenses do not exist but lenses for Contax-Yashica-mount.
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