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Lynn, that's an awesome shot of that surfer. Good lighting, good moment of wave-splashing action and great surfer position too!

Love that Nikon shirt on the girl, spatumba! I'm gonna have to see if I can find one somewhere.


Here are a few of my latest efforts, from a trip downtown Chicago last weekend with the fam. Back-story on the gear is below the shots:

Nikon FG, Nikkor 35/2 and 105/2.5 AI lenses, on HP5+ @ 400.

PB112358 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PB112353 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PB112351 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PB112348 by Jeremy, on Flickr

PB112345 by Jeremy, on Flickr

I quite like this little camera. I bought it because I "had to." You see, on the way home from work one day, I stopped in my favorite thrift store to make sure there were no good cameras orphaned and lonesome there. Lo and behold! There was a Nikkor 50/1.8 pancake and Vivitar (Kiron) 75-205/3.8 for $10. I couldn't let them languish there or go to a bad home, so I took them home.

"Right," said I. "Now, I need a Nikon body, so they can get some exercise." I didn't want to spend much, since it was an unplanned purchase and another system that I have no business getting into. I decided nice FEs were too expensive at around $75-100. FMs are a bit more. FM2s were kind of ridiculous. I stumbled into another orphan on ebay, a neglected FG. It's smaller and doesn't feel as sturdy as an FE or FM, but what a feature set and in such a compact and lightweight package!

That was the beginning. I stumbled upon a good deal locally (good ol' Craigslist) for 3 more AI Nikkors a week later, two of them are one I took on this outing. The third one is a 50/1.4 that I'll probably pass on, as I prefer the 50/1.8 pancake.

I also added a Tokina AT-X 28-85/3.5-4.5 from ebay for a very reasonable price. It's a full set now. Maybe I'll add a 20 mm at some point; I don't know.
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