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Originally Posted by valdas View Post
I can tell you one thing regarding the grain - it’s because of a scanner. This one is scanned with the Epson V700 and for some reason (because of lower resolution?) flatbed scanner gives less pronounced grain compared to my dedicated Coolscan. Edge markings - it’s there, but not visible on every frame because edges are also exposed and markings “disappear”.
Ah, yes, that makes sense. When I used to scan with a flatbed (CanoScan 8800F), I did find the grain to be less apparent, probably because it "mushed out" with the lower resolution. Now I "scan" using an APS-C digicam, and the grain seems more apparent because it much resolves more clearly compared to a flatbed.

Compared to N74+, do you find the grain to be finer with N75?
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