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Originally Posted by Guy Pinhas View Post
I actually got a 400ft bulk of N74 so count me out. That said, I am going to load it soon and see what gives. Will post in the appropriate thread.
400 feet is a lot of N74! I'm near the end of my first 100-foot bulk roll. Look forward to see your images in the other thread.

Originally Posted by CharlesDAMorgan View Post
No idea of arrival date from Germany, but we'll see!
Originally Posted by valdas View Post
I plan to shoot some N75 this weekend (if it arrives on time), so I might be sharing my first results next week.
Charles and Valdas, happy shooting and let us know how you get along with the new N75!

p.s. Somebody, anybody, should try to shoot some ORWO N75 in a Nikon N75.
I like my lenses sharp as a tank and built like a tack.

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