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Originally Posted by sreed2006 View Post
Lucky you! That's a very nice kit.

Some things to look out for:
The hot shoes are made of plastic that is now many years old. The old plastic tends to fracture. Don't over-tighten the screw that holds the hot shoe onto the camera, and don't put too much force on the hot shoe or it will break.

There is a slot in the Winder's battery compartment to hold the cap from the baseplate of the camera. If the Winder is installed on the camera, take out its battery tray and see if the cap is in there.

Every time you load a roll of film, and have snugged up the film with the rewind knob, make sure that the rewind knob rotates as you advance the film. I've had OMs for years, and still every once in awhile fail to load the film properly. Checking that the rewind knob turns has saved me a few times. I have found that the best way to load film into an OM is to put the film leader into the take-up spool, pull the film out of the cassette as you move the cassette to the left, and make sure that the sprocket holes in the film are properly set, and snug, on the sprocket gears before closing the back door.
Thanks! Found the baseplate cap in the winder. Iím so glad I can remove the grip now.
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