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I've had Contax cameras in the past and loved them. I had the venerable 139 which has stood up well over the decades with respect to reliability, and the 137 with built-in motor. I also had an RTS I which I could in no way recommend. At the time Contaxes were revolutionary with respect to their electronics, and the Zeiss lenses were to die for. Over several years I had no issues with the 139 and 137, but the RTS I was horrible and after a while I learned that mine was unfixable and I got my money back. The first RTS ended up with a poor reputation. The RTS II fared better, but I can't speak about that model from experience. I haven't heard anything negative about later Contax models, particularly the 167MT which I did feel some interest for at one stage, but did nothing about. But considering their age (I had mine in the early 80s-early 90s) I'd be a bit cautious about buying an early model now. But I still think the Zeiss lenses are a strong incentive to consider Contax. Good luck with your journey.
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