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A response from Jason:

Dan, I use the SP-445 almost exclusively for developing 4x5 and 9x12. It works very well and I highly recommend it. If you are tray developing, don’t pull the plate from the developer until it looks very dark (until you see details in the shadows), otherwise it will be too thin.

So, look at the shadow values while inspection developing! So obviously I underdeveloped my film run. Let me tell you, it looks pretty dark under a 15W safelight. Hard to gauge proper density. I have ordered an SP445 tank, and a pair of 9x12cm glass plate holders. No more handling of the plates until they go onto the drying rack Yes I got some handling marks the first time! This will eliminate that, no more fiddling. And prolly no more edge effects (density buildups) from tray development.

The SP445 only requires 16oz of solution to develop two plates, and the plates wash inside the tank. Two major advantages.
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