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Originally Posted by Nokton48 View Post
Redoing Light Traps with Mohair by Nokton48, on Flickr

Tonight I have been working on restoring these RADA 6.5x9cm Plate Holders. The light traps were completely gone in all of these, so I cut a paper pattern, and cut cardboard, and strips of Mohair, to restore the light trapping. Tomorrow I will contact cement the trappings into the holders, and they will be ready to load with dry plates. And I need to develop my first set of 6.5x9cm test exposures. Will be posting them soon. Having a decent amount of usuable holders is really important to me.

Also I am ordering two boxes of the ASA 25 "Speed Plates" in 6.5x9cm for testing.

Where could do you get in the web those strips of mohair? Because I've difficulties finding the proper light trap for "bald" plate camera backs & holders.
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