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There are some very nice photos in this thread, so much so it is difficult to select the ones I like the best. And it is also difficult to select the "best" Takumars - there are so many of them that are so darned good.

I am a long time collector / user of Takumars having started down the Asahi Pentax route perhaps 25 years ago when I discovered how good these lenses are for myself. But familiarity breeds contempt as they say (or perhaps complacency is a better term) and I have not used them so much in recent years as other more exotic lenses have come along and been within my grasp. This thread moves me to get them out once more and use them again seriously. I may start with the 50mm f1.4 and 55mm f1.8 both of which are superb performers. Or even the 135mm lenses. Or the ......well you see my problem - there is a surfeit of choice.
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