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I have three Super-Takumar screw mount lenses: 28mm, 50mm, and a 200mm. All were purchased between 1969 and 1971. My 50 is the radioactive model and really a great lens, The 28mm also great has just a slight vignette at wide open (F3.5) and I had to send it to the Pentax guy in the Carolinas to fix a lazy aperture, and the 200 is perfect except I never used it too much:

28mm, with H&W copy film using H&W developer, very fine grained but dynamic range was short:

H&W Copy Film; H&W developer by John Carter, on Flickr

50mm, again with H&W copy film and a no. 1 extension tube:

H&W copy film and with their developer by John Carter, on Flickr

200mm, this time with Plus-x handheld and after a couple of beers:

Plus X D-76 by John Carter, on Flickr
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