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New Petzval Lens on Std Makiflex by Nokton48, on Flickr

OK It's here! Viewing through it, I absolutely love it! Surprisingly sharp on the glass. Shown on Makiflex Standard Body, lens focused on infinity target. I am so glad I took a chance on getting this one.

Later today, I removed the glass elements, nothing is marked anywhere. The central stop looks like it's much later to me, and rather homemade. Made of silver metal and coated with candle soot. I removed that rather easily from inside the barrel, and now I should have an F3.0 or F3.5 lens. Without the central stop, the lens is sharp in the center, and rather swirly at the edges as I have seen in so many Petzval examples.

Now I need to find a proper flange and clean it a bit more. I am super pleased.

Super Cinephors with Makiflex Standard by Nokton48, on Flickr

Look what arrived this afternoon. After five minutes in fading sunlight outside, I can see this bigger Cinephor fits the bill. On the Makiflex it will focus out to about twelve or bit further feet feet out, so incredibly useful to me. The shorter Cinephor works only for extreme close ups on the Makis (about 18"x18" or so). The bokeh is gorgeous, the DOF thin as a sheet of paper. Absolutely love the "look" of it! ��

Both of these lenses I intend to use with dry plates.
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