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Super Cinephor by Nokton48, on Flickr

Obviously not dry plate, but a good example of what can be done with the B&L Super Cinephor theatrical movie projection lens. I want to incorporate this "look' into my dry plate work. It is uber speed F2 MF optic, so that will work very well with ASA 2 dry plate Could even be handheld! This Guy was using a Pentax 6x7. I want to shoot 9x9cm.

DSC01430 by Nokton48, on Flickr

"The Beast". Need to mount this hefty baby onto a Peco Jr/Makiflex board. I think I will use JB Weld, and a LOT of metal cutting. Shown here mounted temporarily with strips of Gorilla Tape.

Here's another Super Cinephor, slightly longer lens. Would love to have one.

B&L 6.25 inch F2 Super Cinephor by Nokton48, on Flickr

Geoff 210 F3 Cooke Makiflex by Nokton48, on Flickr

As you can see, the Makiflex is bulky, but easily portable.
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