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Examining sacrificial J Lane Dry Plate 6.5x9cm by Nokton48, on Flickr

OK Here we go. Opened the box under a Paterson safelight. Jason beautifully packages these plates, interleaved with paper, and four strips of spun fibre strips inside on all sides, as a cushion. So far, so good. Tried to load a Plaubel Makina Plate Holder under the safelight, it wasn't going well, so I sacrificed one plate as a "Dummy" to practice loading in the light. As you can see, very smoothly coated and perfect.

Learning to load J Lane Dry plate into Plaubel Makina Plate Holder. by Nokton48, on Flickr

The Plaubel Makina Plate Holder has an clamping mechanism which tighten the film septum down inside the plate holder. Now after playing in the light I will simply slide the top edge of the glass under the ridge at the top of the holder. I will store and transport the loaded holders oriented dark slide down, so the plates don't slide loose inside the holder. Next order I will ask for a slightly larger size plate, but these are usuable as is. Who would know?

So now I know how to load 6.5x9 Makina holders. I've worked some with these holders using regular sheet film. Now I am ready to load some test glass plates. If I'm lucky I'll get out today to test shoot. It's a cloudless day. We will see.
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