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RADA 9x12 holders Makiflex 9x12 Back by Nokton48, on Flickr

Here I am getting my 9x12cm plate stuff together. On the right, a Plaubel Makiflex Plate Back I bought on German Ebay. On the left, a RADA Normalfalz 9x12cm Plate Holder. Normalfalz in German translates to "Standard Folding". RADA made over a dozen different styles of 9x12 Plate Holders. It took a while to sort it all out. A friend sent me a large sheet of "mohair" which I have used to redo the light trapping on some of these plate holders. Was an interesting winter restoration project.

I have fifteen of these RADA holders, and the "Kodak 9x12 Film Sheath" is an accessory to use the holders with modern sheet film. I have plenty of those also. So I can shoot glass plates or modern 9x12 sheet film.

Jason has shipped my 9x12 glass dry plates.
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