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Hi there,
Buying film is getting increasingly more complicated
-In Southern France, Dept 64, in Saint Jean de Luz, the two oldest photo businesses closed down many years ago (belonging to phox and foci). But, a new shop has recently opened, focusing mainly in analogue photography (I prefer calling it "chemical"), having a good supply of c41 kodak, Fuji and Ilford B/W. It's across rue Gambetta, when going to the docks, look left and you'll see the Fuji Film sign in 90's style.

-In Spain, it's closer to a horror movie.
In Barcelona the most renowned photo shops have closed down in the last 5 years, don't remember the order. Pelayo Street is orphan from photo shops. Nivell 10, Jordi Bas... have just vanished (closed in the last 3 years).
ARPI, one of Barcelona's biggest photo business, with delegations in Madrid, Valencia and Santander, closed 31st july 2015. I remember that in 1994 they bought a whole building, opening 4 floors of shops, each one dedicated to different uses (archive, consumables, equipment, second hand equipment), plus cafeteria and museum in the top floor. The digital era killed it. I recall 10 years ago seeing the empty fridges switched off where there used to be thousands of rolls.
-Fotoprix, one of Spain's biggest distributors, went into receivership and has reinvented into a "photobook" printing business. They still keep shops open but don't have supplies anymore. I bought online the last rolls of Agfa vista lasst february when they closed the online shop

Only two shops remain in Barcelona, Foto K and casanovafoto (the latter having moved to a new location closer to Catalonia Square).

But.. in Madrid it's another story, many shops still soldier on. Fotocasion is one of them working on and offline.

In Northern Spain there are quite a lot of photo shops still open having film in stock. In Laredo (northern Spain village) there are two of them: Foto Caren and Fotos Quique.

Norther Spain is also the headquarters of Foto-R3 (Spain's full-source analog supplier, located in Gijon -Asturias-). They have on and offline photo shop

But what really puzzled me is that in Eastern-bloc countries chemical photography is still coveted. I recall in 2017 when running out of film in Moscow, I found by far the biggest chemical photo shop in the digital age still trading which had huge stocks of chemicals,paper and films. It was in a corner of the architecture university, near Bolshoi theater.

And two weeks ago in Riga, Latvia. Running out of film and found a traditional photo shop which had fuji and kodak colour film. Bought a c200 36 exp for less than 5 euros which is very good price. They are located in Sarlotes Iela, number 6, close to the Dailes theater.
Hope that helps
Best regards
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