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I wanted a 100 iso roll, color.

Yesterday I was at a small old shop in a city, rather town, in Belgium.
They had only a few rolls in stock... and not the one I needed.
The old lady said: "100 iso color, they don't make that anymore sir".

Today I was in Brussels, they asked 11,70 for a roll of Kodak ektar 100, or 160vc.
Too much. How expensive nowadays.
I went to another shop I knew, 7,70 ... ok deal. It was the last roll they had at 100 iso ...

But they don't develop it there, I have to go to another shop again

Perhaps I should buy from the internet, or in bulk... but I mostly don't like going to a shop asking to develop a film I didn't buy there (as they don't sell it there).
It seems awkward.
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