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Originally Posted by danielsterno View Post

Using Aperture but need to move on. There is not a Photo extension for DXO Nik Collection Silver Efex which is critical to me. I have a trial copy of Lightroom going now but do not love it, using DXO Nik Collection Silver Efex is critical to my decision. Very minimal editing done. Import Fuji x100f some Raw & mostly JPEG images. Export to Flickr/Instagram/email/hard drive, the usual needs.
I am curious about what decision RFF Aperture users made for Photo editing and your level of happiness with it, and if you are using Silver Efex?
Thank You in advance... Dan

I too love Nik plugins and use them pretty well constantly, and in particular I use Silver Efex for conversions to mono. (BTW it is possible though a little clunky to run them freestanding - without a parent photo editor ( ). I use Lightroom with Corel Paintshop Pro as backup and running Nik Efex as well. For conversion and basic editing I use Lightroom then drop into either one of the Nik plugins or into Corel Paintshop Pro itself if, for example, I want something only that editor can do for me (like using complex layer masks). All of these "sub editors" are set up to be hooked into Lightroom to run as plugins. This means that when I save at the end of editing using one of them as a Lightroom plugin the resulting edits are exported directly back into Lightroom as a copy of the image with the new edits added. This is very convenient if you use Lightroom to keep track of your edited images or if you want to make any final tweaks in Lightroom. I am not sure if Corel supports the Apple platform though.

Like you I was not in love with Lightroom (preferring in my case, some of the Corel suite's tools). But there is no doubt, now that I am more used to it, that used in the above manner Lightroom makes a pretty useful, powerful and quick editor. It also has some editing tools that work better than any others I have encountered - for example its ability to pull back over-exposed areas and get some detail out of them is quite unsurpassed in my experience. Nothing else I have tried works as well.

Overall I am pretty happy with this set up finding it functional and quick. My main complaint about using Corel Paintshop Pro alone (which I previously did) was that it was clunky to copy edits from one image to another in a series (you had to save and create "actions") so basic editing of a large number of similar photos required them to each be manually edited one at a time. The above arrangement fixes this because of Lightroom's ability to synchronize Lightroom edits across multiple images at the click of a button. While still allowing the subsequent use of Corel or Nik for any more complex edits.
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