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Another one holding on to Aperture. I was an early adopter of LR when it was in beta, partly because it ran on my old ca. 2003 G4 back then, but went with Aperture when I bought an Intel machine. Learned on Photo Mechanic in journalism school, LR again while working at one publication, then Bridge/PS at another. Adobe products worked seamlessly at publications were everything was on networked drives, but that, and Curves adjustments early on, was the only advantage. Always used Aperture for my own personal work. The iTunes-like internal file system always seemed intuitive.

I'm still using the same 2010 iMac maxed out on RAM with a SSD and whatever the last version of Aperture was. I did run into some problems working on files from a D850, but learned that RAW processing is in the OS, and updating to High Sierra let me import the needed files.

I don't foresee Aperture being dropped entirely in the near-term. It never was an industry standard like Final Cut was (which was a whole other can of worms; the switch to FCX was great for flash-based videographers, terrible for everyone used to old NLEs), but there are too many who are too heavily invested to let it just drop dead.

Then again, you never know with Apple and their tendency to go whole hog on new standards and drop the old—floppy discs, serial ports, PowerPC, FireWire, their own Dock connector, headphone jacks, the list goes on.

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