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What an interesting thread:
Interesting to see the weird variation in film prices worldwide that don't seem to follow any process (cause) I can think of.

Interesting how many of us want desperately to buy from the local camera store (and some can), but pricing makes that an untenable source. I too used to buy film (at a higher price than online sources) from the local camera store. It went out of business anyway. The last source of film in my town is the university book store, which is actually not a book store but a merchandising outlet for the sports machine. They used to stock film at good prices for students. Today, they sell Arista 200/24 for $9USD per roll. Not exactly oriented toward students in my mind. Well, some of the students can clearly afford that and more, but I would expect most to be near starvation, as I was during my undergrad years.

Short answer to the OP: I buy most film online (freestyle) and a few remaining camera shops in Portland OR when I visit the big city. Silvermax ends up being similar in price either online or in the Portland camera shops, especially after shipping is considered.
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