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I meant to add something here that I find interesting!

Sometimes when you get gas for a particular camera and start a thread as I did here and go through the motions of discussing it to death and absorbing all the opinions and adulation within the thread ... you get over it and move on ... the gas seems to disipate naturally and you suddenly realise that the last thing you really need is another camera for the collection that already contains cameras that don't get enough use! Well it never happened with the big Pentax ... the more I thought about it the more I wanted one.

The 67ii that I subsequently bought from 'barnwulf' is not a camera you use without having a plan in mind ... you don't casually pick up a 5lb (with lens) medium format SLR and wander off to take some pics ... it's not that sort of camera. Often though I will take it out of the cupboard and sit it on the desk in the evening and just stare in awe at it ... that part will never change!

I intend spending the day with it next week in the dry valley behind Brisbane where the old abandoned farms and bleached winter grasses are just begging to be photographed.
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