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You'll have to forgive the hyperbole to follow, but it is impossible to overstate the difference between what you see on screen with the (admittedly excellent) photos in this thread and the detail and richness of the negatives and prints possible with this camera. The internet is the great leveler in this respect, as there is little perceivable difference between the output of a 5mp digicam with a sensor the size of a lentil and the output of a Pentax 67, when presented here. A 6x7 cm B&W negative can capture a mind-boggling amount of detail over a tonal range that will leave gob-smacked HDR practitioners witless and crying for their mommas. Also, the shutter has a satisfying thunk. Consider a tripod for exposures lower than 1/60 with this bad boy and savor each exposure like an oenophile swilling the last drop of a vanishing, great vintage. My own lenses: 55/3.5, 90/2.8, 105/2.5 and 165/2.8. Personally, I hand meter. For macros=extension tubes.
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