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I believe the issue for many or even most people is Choice Without Guidance — that there are so many interlocking choices and no guidance from the manual, no information about why one or the other feature is useful in which situations, or what’s important and what’s trivial. That’s tremendously intimidating, and even if you do go into it and choose some things there’s endless uncertainty about what you’ve done. This becomes easier when you gain experience with many cameras of this complexity. Few consumers have that luxury—if I spend hundreds or thousands on a camera I expect to use it for 10 years or more. And this is why someone like Ken Rockwell (regardless of whether you agree) is of tremendous value: he has vast experience with old and modern cameras and can write sensibly about them. He wrote a User Guide for the X100 which leaves the manual in the dust because he runs through the options and says what he chose and why. He gives a baseline to start with confidence. It doesn’t matter if you agree entirely with his choices—ive changed several things. But having used the camera with his defaults and understanding his reasoning, I can make informed decisions about where to go from there.
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