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Originally Posted by lynnb View Post
Hi Doug,

What do you think about adding instant film types to the gallery film list? I'm playing with Instax Mini colour and monochrome at present, and a few other members are frequent users of various Polaroid and Instax films.

Could you suggest a list to add, Lynn? I have to admit I'm not an instant film fan but do acknowledge it has a place! In the distant past I have favored Type 55 P/N for including a printable negative. I've also used Kodak Tri-X film packs in a Polaroid 180, 16 exposures 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 and the pack fits into an empty Polaroid pack. One pulls a tab to move the exposed sheet around to the back of the pack to result in a fresh sheet in front ready for the next shot. This is certainly not in accord with the instant-film credo!
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