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Adding Film to Gallery List
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Adding Film to Gallery List

Didn't want to hijack the corresponding lens thread; thus I started this new one. @Doug: Would you stick this one too?

Looking through the gallery film DB I didn't find any APS film types and I also miss some 135 film types I used. In the old gallery I added the film tags manually: Here we need a moderator's help. Maybe others are missing additional special film types too?

Here is the list of my film roll DB with types I need in the gallery to tag properly my uploads. Thank you in advance.

(Please use Fuji or Fujifilm as brand, whatever makes more sense to keep the film entries homogeneous)

Brand		Type			nominal ISO

240 format film:

Kodak		Advantix			200
Fujifilm	Fujicolor nexia A		200
AGFA		Futura II			200
AGFA		Futura II			400
Kodak		Advantix Ultra			200
AGFA		Futura				400
Kodak		APS				200
Kodak		APS				100
AGFA		APS star			200
Kodak		Advantix Black & White+		400
Fujifilm	nexia D				100

135 format film:

Fujifilm	Fujicolor C			100
Fujifilm	Fujicolor C			200
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