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I don't know Roger well, and frankly we have often disagreed unpleasantly, but by and large I've always felt that he was a decent person, well-informed and knowledgeable, willing to share that knowledge; just strong in his opinions as I am in mine.

It's always sad to hear of someone battling cancer and all the other ills and miseries that life can throw at us; I've certainly had my share of that kind of thing. It can be a very fierce battle, painful and arduous, and you often cannot winówe all lose in the end. There is no greater gift than Life itself, and no greater loss than when it is taken away, for whatever reason and at whatever Time.

So, to Roger, my very best thoughts to you and to Frances. I feel for you, and hope that, if the battle cannot be won, that at least it doesn't tear you to shreds on the way so that you can pass whatever time remains with dignity, peace, and love. What more can we ask for, in the end?

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