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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
Agreed... not to mention it’s a sloppy way to photograph in most cases.
Yes, you can crop to zoom with any camera, but some are better suited for it, and the Q2 seems designed (at least in part) to enable this workflow. A direct quote from the article I linked, for those who don't want to read it:

"Leica’s chief lens designer, Peter Karbe, believes that with today’s high-performance lenses and superior sensors, crop to zoom is definitely a viable proposition. He made the point forcefully during his presentation to the LHSA 50th anniversary meeting in Wetzlar last October."

Furthermore, we're not talking about cropping after the fact, we're talking about a camera that either presents a live view of the cropped size, or framelines at the cropped size. That's not possible with "any camera," and even if it were, it would be much less pragmatic with a camera that had a lower-MP sensor and no stabilization. And since the framelines are there, it's really not a particularly sloppy way to photograph.

Not to say it's the only way to work, but I think it's myopic to dismiss crop-to-zoom as a real possibility in 2019.
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