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Originally Posted by Argentia1 View Post
Each to his own. If you like that, do that.
I am not in that low-fi thing. And I don't think that film is generally more imperfect than digital. They are just different mediums, with own characteristics.
Perfect pictures can be easily made with film, too. Photographers have done that for more than 100 years.
And 25 years ago no one in the photography world would have described film as 'imperfect'. This 'imperfect' mantra was created by the lomography, Impossible Project and low-fi marketing people to sell their often crappy products.

Back to Film Ferrania P30 alpha:
As said above, I wish Film Ferrania success with their renovated little factory. I've been one of their first Kickstarter backers.
But for a sustainable long-term success they must significantly improve the quality. They should consider P30 alpha as a "learning process" for further significant quality improvement.

For me, personally, the current situation looks like this:
I need an excellent slower film for high quality work and bigger enlargements.
P30 alpha failed because of the reasons explained above. And it is not available anymore. And we currently don't know when it will come back.
But I need a film right now.
At Photokina Adox has introduced its new Adox HR-50 film. During the last two months I did lots of tests with it. And compared it to FF P30. Adox HR-50 is the better film in all parameters.
- has a much better characteristic curve
- has better shadow detail than P30
- has much better highlight detail than P30; it is almost impossible to get burned highlights with HR-50
- has much finer grain
- has better sharpness
- has significantly higher resolution
- is much cheaper
- and it is easily available.
I am quite satisfied so far with HR-50. A really nice film with excellent price-performance ratio.
"Each to his own. If you like that, do that." Words to live by!

I haven't seen that Adox film available here yet but I'll be happy to try it out. I recall they had a slow film available but it needed its own developer iirc so I passed due to expense and hassle. But the more choice the better.

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